5 Ways to Keep Your Plants Hydrated in The Summer Heat

While summer is always the hottest season of the year, it seems like average temperatures keep getting hotter and hotter. Cities all around the U.S. keep breaking records for the hottest summers ever recorded, and these high temperatures can quickly harm your plants.   Keeping plants hydrated in the Summer… Read More

December 14, 2018 • Blog


How RainSoil Products Really Retain Your Rain

At RainSoil, our motto is “Retain your rain.” But what does this mean and how do our products actually accomplish this? Good question!   Overwatering your garden is a common problem that at-home gardeners, farmers and other gardening businesses face. Every plant has different watering needs, and it can be… Read More

July 24, 2018 • Blog


7 Ways to Make Your Garden More Sustainable

Sustainable gardening is a big trend right now. Many people assume that by simply growing their own plants, they’re doing something good for the environment. While this is partially true, some gardens can be very wasteful and  hard the land around them with pesticides and other chemicals.   Building a… Read More

May 23, 2018 • Blog

Keeping Your Pets Safe From Fertilizer

Plants get many of their most basic needs from soil, sun and water, however, if you’re producing crops for distribution, or any for-profit venture, those basic needs are probably not enough. A quality fertilizer is necessary for any agricultural, horticultural, commercial greenhouse or hydroponic operation. Consistent fertilizer use can yield… Read More

May 15, 2018 • Blog


Greenhouse Greatness: The Benefits of Protected Gardening

  Okay, so it’s a little obvious: the best part of greenhouse growing is the literal roof over your crops. The utilization of a greenhouse presents avid growers like you with endless benefits such as protection from the elements and the ability to grow year round. You can take cover… Read More

March 20, 2018 • Blog


Hydroponic Growing: What You Need to Know

  Hydroponics, the term that seems to be buzzing on everyone’s lips. You may have heard of it in the context of alternative growing methods, but what’s the big deal? What is hydroponic growing, why is it so popular all of the sudden, and what does it mean for the… Read More

February 14, 2018 • Blog

Going Organic Produce-Splurge

Going Organic: Produce You Need to Splurge On

Wanting to save money when you’re grocery shopping is, to say the least, understandable. Why is it that something so necessary can be so financially disheartening? As you wander down the aisles of vibrant produce, perhaps your gaze automatically passes over the more expensive organic options. It’s all the same,… Read More

January 24, 2018 • Blog

Retain Your Rain

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