plus72 bagSoil Conditioner

Invigorate your substrate with much-needed nutrients, minerals and microbial activity for a healthy environment where your plants thrive! Made up of decomposed organic matter, the nutrients, minerals and microbial activity found in RainSoil Plus72 are the food your seeds, roots, leaves, fruits, vegetables and blooms crave. Unlike chemical fertilizers, RainSoil Plus72 naturally conditions the soil to help keep it balanced and ready to help plants spring to life.

Home and Garden
Apply up to 10 lbs per 1,000 square feet to your lawn or flowerbeds.

Trees and Shrubs
Pour 2 oz of RainSoil Plus72 into the bottom of the hole before planting.

Seeding and Greenhouse Growth
Apply 7 to 10% of the total soil amount to the pot.

Large-scale Applications
100lbs applied 1 acre every 2 years will do the trick. If your soil is extremely deficient, you may need to apply ever year.

Retain Your Rain

Restore vitality and new growth to any type
of plant life with new, coconut-based RainSoil!