Improve Water Penetration
RainSoil AcceleWET, containing Water Enhancing Technology (WET), is a blend of surfactant chemistries which reduces the surface tension of water, providing both vertical and lateral movement of water.

AcceleWET was designed to aid in the decompression process of compressed soilless growing media e.g. coconut coir and is recommended for use by soilless media producers and growers to aid in both initial wetting and rewetting of soilless growing media.

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Guaranteed Analysis:
Active Ingredients:
Ethylene Oxide /
Propylene Oxide Copolymers………..87%
Inert Ingredients: Water………………13%

Directions for Use

AcceleWET™ can be:
● Incorporated in the soilless growing media
● Applied as a drench
● Injected on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Water Volume
Mix AcceleWET™ in enough water to get uniform distribution and blend thoroughly
into soilless growing media.

COMPRESSED GROWING MEDIA: First determine the volume of water required for decompression (refer to soilless growing media supplier instructions). Second, once the total volume of water needed for decompression is determined, refer to mixing table below. Evenly mix AcceleWET™ into the volume of water to be used for decompression. Apply the mixture as drench or through existing irrigation equipment e.g. drip irrigation, overhead irrigation etc.

UNCOMPRESSED GROWING MEDIA: Apply AcceleWET™ to a minimum of 2 gallons of water per cubic yard of soilless growing media. Then agitate or stir the mixture. Apply as uniformly as possible while media is blending.

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