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Mineral Absorbents

(Looks like small pebbles…)

Mineral absorbents have been popular for decades. Not because they work well, but because there was no better alternative. They are dusty, messy, have to be mined, are potentially carcinogenic and flat do not work as well as SpillVak. Check out the video below to see exactly what we’re talking about! SpillVak significantly outperforms mineral-based absorbents.

Clay-based Absorbents

(Looks like small rocks made of clay…)

Clay-based absorbents have been used even longer than mineral-based absorbents and they work just as poorly. In this video, we do a weight-to-weight (3oz) comparison between SpillVak and the most popular clay-based absorbent on the market. Take a look and determine for yourself which works better.

Mineral and Clay-Based

We’ve had requests for a combined version of the two videos above…so…you’re welcome. Watch below.




We caught some flack for doing a weight-to-weight comparison between SpillVak and the above absorbents. To set the record straight, the below video shows that clay and mineral absorbents don’t hold a candle to SpillVak in a volume-to-volume comparison either.

Other Coconut-based

(a.k.a. Not all coconut is created equally.)

Many people ask us what makes SpillVak different from other coconut-based absorbents. The answer is waaay nerdy and comes down to the chemical and physical properties of the coconut itself. In a nutshell (no pun intended), not all coconut is created equally, just like not all apples are created equally. In fact, comparing coconut absorbents is not an apples-to-apples comparison…as you’ll in these next two videos. The first one compares SpillVak to other coconut absorbents using Antifreeze, a low viscosity fluid. The second uses automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

Other Coconut-Based

…and for the second video. This one shows how SpillVak outperforms other coconut-based absorbents on a higher viscosity fluid (automative transmission fluid.)

Absorbent Mats

Absorbent mats are a great tool to have for small spills that just need to be wiped up, or to put under a temporary leak until it is fixed. We recommend that you keep one or two in a SpillKit for that purpose. SpillVak is significantly more effective at pickup up large spills, however. It works faster, cleaner, more thoroughly and is easier to clean up than a mat ever could. It is also reusable and significantly less expensive when cleaned up and reused appropriately. It’s #onetoughsucker

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