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Wholesale & Retail Coco Coir Products

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Bulk Wholesale Coconut Coir Products & More

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah we warehouse & process bulk coconut coir products, in the USA. What this means for you is:

  • Fast delivery times vs. offshoring
  • Smaller minimum orders vs. offshoring
  • Pricing competitive with offshoring
  • Flexibility & customizability

We Offer:

    • Bulk Coconut Coir – Bulk quantities of unbranded and unwrapped coconut coir blocks, bricks, pucks, netted pellets or loose shredded coir. Ready for your retail packaging or bulk applications. Available washed or unwashed.

    • Bulk Amendments & Soil Blends – Bulk quantities of amendments like perlite, vermiculite, worm castings, water retention crystals and other fertilizers and amendments. We offer bulk unbranded, amended coir products including blocks, bricks, pucks and loose soil.

    • Private Label & Custom Manufacturing – We private label coir products for you, including kitting and assembly so you receive your final product, ready for sale. We can private label standard products, or work with you on custom products including straight coco coir, or custom amended blends.

  • Wholesale RainSoil Brand – We offer RainSoil branded coir products for ready for retail sale at wholesale prices.

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