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Wholesale Coconut Coir Products & Garden Amendments

Premium coconut coir products including raw coir in any quantity including bulk wholesale. We manufacture compressed coco coir pellets in any size up to 11lb blocks that yield 2.5 cu ft of growing media (enough to fill a wheelbarrow), in both amended and unamended options. We also offer a line of soil amendments and coco coir based spill cleanup products. Wholesale inquiries are welcomed.

Learn more about the benefits of coconut coir in your garden:

  • Inexpensive – Coconut coir is a less expensive alternative to traditional grow media, and because coco coir is dry compressed, it is far less expensive to ship than other wet grow media.
  • Sustainable – Coco Coir is made from the husks and shells of coconuts, a waste product after coconut meat is harvested. Coconut coir is an infinitely renewable resource that is superior to peat (a vanishing resource) in countless ways.
  • Moisture Retention – When you hydrate a compressed coconut coir puck, you’ll see the puck suck up water like a sponge. The secret to coir is that it holds that water, making it available to plants not evaporation. Coco coir mixed in to your soil can cut water requirements by 40%.
  • Aeration – Coconut Coir is lighter than soil or other growing media, and when wet, resists compaction, allowing for more air pockets in your soil which facilitates drainage and strong root growth.

SpillVak – Spill Cleanup Application of Coconut Coir

SpillVak is an incredibly absorbent material, made from coconut coir that will hold 9X its weight in water, liquid chemicals, paint, oil, transmission fluid, etc... SpillVak is scientifically engineered to be fast acting and it holds up to 6 times the liquid volume as competing clay based spill absorbing alternatives. SpillVak is all natural, carcinogen free and silica free. Wholesale inquiries are welcomed.

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