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RainSoil SS contains premium, expanded coconut coir blended with professional-grade ingredients, including beneficial silicon with Sitality, and water-saving technology from Retain superabsorbent polymer. Use it as a superior growing medium for flowers, edibles, turf and more. 

1.5 cu ft

RainSoil SS (Super Soil) is an all-purpose blend designed for home and garden use. We start with our high-quality coconut coir – no peat, bark, or wood products. Just a 100% coir base. Next, we add a proprietary amendment suite that includes a coir-specific wetting agent, and a hydrogel for added water and nutrient retention. We top it off with a nutrient starter charge capable of sustaining plant growth up to seven weeks without additional fertilizer. The resulting Super Soil gives the average gardener a professional edge.



  • 100% coconut coir base material
  • Complete nutrient starter charge
  • Wetting agent for improved water movement and distribution
  • Hydrogel component for added water and nutrient retention
  • Optimum water-retention, drainage, and nutrition
  • Superior growing medium for containers, hanging baskets, flower beds, vegetable gardens, and more!



RainSoil SS contains a nutrient starter charge. We recommended no feeding or light feeding for the first two to four weeks. Specific fertilizer and rates should be applied according to individual crop requirements. A routine soil testing program is highly recommended prior to initiating any fertilizer program.



1.5 cu. ft. (42.5 L)

Net Weight: 13lbs.

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