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RainSoil™ Sitality™


SitalityTMis derived from a volcanic tuff material containing 76% SiO2in a much more relaxed form than traditional silicates. Therefore, the process of forming root-friendly silicic acid can happen more easily and more often. The remaining 24% of Sitality™ is largely non-soluble minerals, resulting in a natural, slow-release form of plant-available Si.


Once absorbed, silicon travels through the plant to active growing points where it is deposited into cell walls. This incorporation strengthens the plant tissue, creating a form of plant armor, which plants then pull from in times of stress to reinforce cell walls.




Why do I need Silicon for my plants?

Although silicon has traditionally been overlooked as a beneficial nutrient in plant health, recent research has shown its important role in pest and disease resistance, as well as environmental stress tolerance.


Why use Sitality instead of other forms of Silicon?

Sitality is uniquely formulated to supply silicon in an easier to absorb, more plant-friendly, slow-release form than other forms of silicon.


Is Sitality safe to use on edibles?

Yes, Sitality is not only safe to use on fruits, vegetables and other edibles, but has shown to improve quality, vigor and size in a wide range of edibles.


What types of crops benefit from Sitality?

Sitality is recommended for all types of plants, including bedding plants, flowering plants, cut flowers, edibles, fruits & vegetables, shrubs, nursery stock, etc.


What are some of the benefits of Sitality use?*

  • Increased stress tolerance
  • Increased pest and disease resistance
  • Increased flower diameter
  • Stronger, healthier plants
  • Increased stem diameter
  • Increased overall plant size


*Benefits may vary by plant type and genus

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