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Greenhouse Greatness: The Benefits of Protected Gardening | RainSoil

January 2020 | Raegan Garlitz

Okay, so it’s a little obvious: the best part of greenhouse growing is the literal roof over your crops. The utilization of a greenhouse presents avid growers like you with endless benefits such as protection from the elements and the ability to grow year round. You can take cover and produce your favorite edible crops in the winter, and come summer you can continue into the great outdoors if you wish.


However, greenhouse growing isn’t only great because of the whole “house” element. This horticultural practice can benefit you regardless of where you live or regardless of whether it’s sunny or snowy outside.


Keep reading to find out why we’re crazy about greenhouse growing at RainSoil, and how our product is the perfect addition to your present or future greenhouse crops.


Limitless Crop Production


The only thing that will stop you from growing what you want in your greenhouse is running out of space.


Greenhouse gardening differs from outdoor gardening in that your greenhouse is an environment where you can grow whatever you’d like without having to worry about whether two or more crops can thrive next to each other. Since your crops will be removed from each other, you can care for them based on their specific needs.


For example, perhaps you’re growing one crop that doesn’t like to be watered frequently but needs a lot of supplemental nutrients and another crop with completely opposite needs. In your greenhouse, you don’t have to deliberate between crops. You can simply grow whatever you’d like in its own space.   


Create the Perfect Environment


The main difference with a greenhouse is that you’re in control of the environment your plants grow in, not the elements. Of course, this means that your plants will be protected from nasty weather, diseases, and the various pests they’d be exposed to outdoors including caterpillars, moles, squirrels, and spiders.


But how else does the greenhouse environment benefit your plants? Well, you’ll be in control of the temperature and humidity. Most greenhouses will have a system implemented that allows you to check the water vapor levels and adjust them accordingly, as well as a thermostat. As any gardener knows, this is essential to the healthy growth of crops and will make a world of difference when it comes to the speed and quality of your grow.


Save Money


Yes, there is the initial investment to obtain the greenhouse, which can be costly. However, it’s been observed that greenhouse growing will actually save you money in the long- term.


This is because instead of going out every spring and spending all of your hard earned money on plants, you’ll be able to sustain flowers and vegetables within your greenhouse. Not only will you save money because you won’t have to restart your growing season after season, but you’ll also save time.



RainSoil utilizes the coconut by-product coconut coir to optimize your year-round edible crop production. This is a perfect product for commercial greenhouse growers as well as people looking to improve their personal garden.


Among the easiest crops to grow in your greenhouse are leafy greens, tomatoes, herbs, peppers, and grapes. However, virtually any crop will thrive in a greenhouse, allowing you to personally select which flowers, fruits, vegetables, or herbs you wish to grow. No matter what’s in your greenhouse, it will thrive under physical protection and optimal conditions.


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