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How RainSoil Products Really Retain Your Rain

January 2020 | Raegan Garlitz

At RainSoil, our motto is “Retain your rain.” But what does this mean and how do our products actually accomplish this? Good question!


Overwatering your garden is a common problem that at-home gardeners, farmers and other gardening businesses face. Every plant has different watering needs, and it can be difficult to know which one needs what amount of water.


This also poses a problem for the planet. Water shortages and droughts are becoming a reality for more parts of the country. Because of this, saving water is becoming more critical. Conserving water can help make your garden more sustainable, which has been a big trend in gardening this year. Besides the benefits for the environment, saving water will also benefit your wallet and reduce your water bills.

An easy way to combat these common gardening problems is to use RainSoil. RainSoil is a must-have product because it’s:


  • Kind to the planet
  • Absorbs up to 9x its weight in water
  • Maintains a healthy growing environment
  • Invigorates plant growth


RainSoil offers a few different products to meet your unique watering needs. Our products include:



A common problem with watering is that it pools on the surface, and doesn’t penetrate roots that are deep in the ground. AcceleWET solves this problem and is designed to reduce the surface tension of water, and improves water penetration.


Sitality Soil Amendment

Does your soil need a boost? If so, RainSoil Sitality is for you. This product is a unique soil amendment tool that is formulated to improve plant quality by building stronger roots, stems and foliage.


Sitality L

Sitality L is a soil amendment product that works to improve your plant quality by building stronger roots, stems and foliage. It’s easy to throw down on your nursery or greenhouse crops and works well with plant fertilizer that you’re already using.


RainSoil Raw

Not using soil to grow your plants? This is a great medium to use that will retain more water than your average soil or other growing methods. RainSoil Raw is made from pure, untreated, coconut coir and works with many different types of plants including turf, flowers, vegetables and more.


RainSoil Retain

Retain is the classic RainSoil product, and is proven to reduce your need to water your garden. Again, RainSoil products absorb up to 9x their weight in water! Retain significantly improves water and nutrient management, whether you grow in soil or not. It is made from a dry-granular superabsorbent polymer, and it’s an easy-to-use soil enhancer for a wide variety of plants and crops.

Are you ready to save water and transform your garden? Pick up any of our products in our online shop today.

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