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Stayin' Alive: House Plants That (Probably) Won't Die on You | RainSoil

January 2020 | Raegan Garlitz

Keeping up with your household plants sounds easy on paper, even if you’re not inclined towards horticulture. You put them in a window (if that’s what they want), you water them every now and then, and they reward you by serving as a nice little accent. However, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, houseplants are easy to forget about completely. You’re not counting on them to bear edible crops, and caring for them is likely far down on your list of pressing chores.


So, is it hopeless? Are you the type of person who just can’t have plants? Of course not!


What you need is a plant with backbone, a plant that you’ll remember to water before it goes limp and brown, a plant you can keep alive without having to improve your agricultural practices. Believe it or not, such plants exist and are in the market for a good home. Consider the following houseplants next time you’re browsing for an accent that won’t die on you.




Aloe has the benefit of being a triple threat: beautiful, sustainable, and functional. There’s not a much more relieving sensation than spreading the cool, gel interior of an aloe leaf on a burn or affected area. Its natural medicinal properties combined with its distinct, succulent appearance make it a popular choice.

The best aspect of Aloe plants is their longevity. They’re easy to care for and thrive at room temperature in a sunlit area. They rarely need to be watered and actually do better in dry soil.


Areca Palm


The Areca Palm is exotic in appearance as it’s native to Madagascar. It’s the perfect plant to give your home a rainforest feel and will make you and your guests dream of warmer days. It can grow between six and eight feet, so be sure to place it in an area with adequate space.

This plant will do best in indirect light and rarely needs to be watered as it also prefers dry soil.


English Ivy


If you’re looking to add a little bit of low- maintenance elegance to your home, English Ivy might be the right choice for you. This plant will provide a quaint and charming vibe, and you won’t have to constantly fret over its upkeep.

To care for English Ivy, leave it in a cool, moist area of your home. This one requires a bit more watering than the aforementioned plants, as it prefers moist soil.


Peace Lily


Everyone knows that Lillys are absolutely stunning, and the Peace Lily is an attractive in-home alternative that you won’t have to fuss over. It stands tall with a uniquely shaped white blossom and dark green leaves that give it an exotic essence.

Peace Lilies prefer low lighting, meaning they’re one of the few plants that will thrive in a room that’s not afforded natural light. They prefer moist soil, so regular watering is necessary.


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to go without the rejuvenating essence of plants. Additionally, if you’d like to know more about growing plants or edible crops in the winter, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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